• Ruveco unleading

    RUVECO allows to remove lead from brass surfaces in an effective and economical way. The products treated with this process fully comply with the new regulations concerning the release of lead in drinking water...


  • T.E.A. - Ternary Eco Alloy

    T.E.A. deposit is an intermetallic,  environmentally friendly, electrodeposited alloy, that is very stable and replaces the classic nickel-chrome electroplated deposit. It is widely used in different areas: industrial plumbing fittings, devices for the decorative and food sector...

  • Hard chrome plating

    The chromium plating process is used to increase the resistance to wear and corrosion, while maintaining the mechanical characteristics, and gives:

  • Chemical nickel plating

    The chemical nickel plating process is used to obtain deposits with high homogeneity and hardness. It is a process which results in an extremely uniform coating, regardless of the geometry of the piece. It, therefore, represents the ideal solution to wear problems in holes...


Hard chrome plating - Electroless Nickel Plating - Manganese phosphating - RUVECO® unleading - Ternary Eco Alloy®


ALFACROM 2000 SRL, established in 1969 as an artisan enterprise specialised in hard chrome plating, is a partner and key company for manufacturers of textile machinery in the Pordenone area.

Over the years the company has expanded its field of action, asserting itself successfully in the sectors of general engineering, vehicles, furniture, household appliances and industrial kitchens for the food industry.

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