Alfatech specializes in hard chrome plating and electroless nickel plating. These processes involve the use of chemicals that are potentially dangerous for the environment; it is precisely awareness of this risk that has led the company to commit itself to preventing any possible release of these elements into the environment, and this commitment has become part of the corporate vision. To this end, the need has been recognised to implement and continuously improve an Integrated Quality and Environment Safety Management System, which is capable of guaranteeing the company ever greater efficiency in controlling and managing its environmental impact, both direct and indirect.


Of primary importance for Alfatech is careful selection of the products and technologies used, but it also relies on ever deeper knowledge of new production processes and wastewater treatment, and continuing education of its employees on environmental issues, making sure that they operate with full knowledge of the potential risks associated with their activities. Each production activity is evaluated within an integrated strategy that takes into account all aspects of the environment: from prevention and control of any form of pollution to saving resources and energy.


Alfatech's key objective is to ensure the balance between business goals and the need to safeguard the health of people and the environment. The company respects the safety of its employees and the people who live and work in the vicinity of its facility, preventing the occurrence of accidents and mitigating their effect.


The company is committed to using adequate resources (including third parties) in order to implement the technical, organisational and managerial measures considered necessary for the objectives of improvement, and to allocating adequate financial resources in order to implement the organisational and managerial interventions considered necessary for achievement of predetermined improvement objectives.


Read our Quality and Environment Safety Integrated Policy (only IT language)


Alfatech ISO 9001


Alfatech ISO 14001

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