ALFATECH SRL, established in 1969 as an artisan enterprise specialised in hard chrome plating, is a partner and key company for manufacturers of textile machinery in the Pordenone area.


Over the years the company has expanded its field of action, asserting itself successfully in the sectors of general engineering, vehicles, furniture, household appliances and industrial kitchens for the food industry.


In 2006, to better meet the needs of its customers and to adapt to new European Community environmental legislation, the company renewed and expanded its production facilities and developed innovative technologies for the treatment of metals.


With 40 years of specialisation and the best technology in galvanic treatment, Alfatech offers customers its expertise in wear-resistant treatments such as hard chrome plating, electroless nickel plating to ensure high rigidity and corrosion resistance.


Alfatech introduced in 2013 Ruveco® unleading and the coating TEA® - Ternary Alloy Eco Alloy products for industrial fittings and the food industry. Both treatments are covered by patents and at the same time ensure health and envoiroment protection at the level of the most restrictive international, besides they provide assurances of resistance to wear and corrosion.



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